Mojo Stereo.  Blues that moves.   

Sometimes things just happen... 

Dillon O’Hara and Doug Rude were brought together by fellow musicians in the Minneapolis blues community. Shortly after, Mojo Stereo was formed in the late fall of 2016. It didn't take long for Dillon & Doug to catch a common groove. After gigging as a trio and hoping to tackle more intricate songs they realized something was missing.  

In steps Ryan Oikari. He offers the ability to bring Mojo Stereo to an elevated level. He is a triple threat between his guitar, vocal and piano skills. (Not to mention plenty of other musical talents). 

Finally the missing link. The Pocket. This trio needed someone who could bring it all together. With 30+ years of solid gigging, touring and dedication to the drums. Brian Teschendorf stepped in and has connected all the dots.  

Mojo Stereo has set out to play live music, build the Mojo family, perform a collection of great tunes and execute them with an energy that will keep you coming back.

The Band

Dillon Patrick O'Hara

Guitar ~ Lead Vocals

Doug Rude

Bass ~ Lead Vocals

Ryan Oikari

Lead Guitar ~ Vocals